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About US

Mission :

Our ultimate mission is to contribute to the quality of healthcare in the world, to improve health promotion, to save lives through innovative recruitment of competent nurses who will offer excellent evidence-based practice care, and to provide opportunities for international healthcare professionals to transition into the United States healthcare system seamlessly.

Vision :

We aim to become the most preferred company that recruits competent and diverse healthcare professionals worldwide for healthcare organizations in their effort to tackle the health needs of humanity.

Ramidara healthcare staffing llc

Need help to ace the NCLEX?

Don't worry; Ramidara got you covered!

Our team will help you navigate and understand the new NCLEX-RN type of Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) questions.


Our modules are structured to help you fully understand the contents and give you the knowledge, competence, and critical thinking skills you need to excel in your career.

For international nurses:

Our retained board-certified immigration attorneys will help meet the United States immigration requirements.

Your expertise and services are needed!

At RAMIDARA, one of our primary goals is to help nurses by facilitating the processes required for international nurses to work in the United States. We provide opportunities for a seamless transition for international nurses seeking opportunities to work at health institutions in the United States.

Ramidara healthcare staffing llc
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