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Healthcare Organizations Application

The effects of the nurse shortage in the USA are becoming a considerable concern. At RAMIDARA, we know the critical role nurses and other healthcare professionals play in the healthcare delivery system in the United States. Also, it is becoming increasingly expensive for healthcare organizations to hire nurses within the context of current geopolitical problems.

We want to be a part of the solution!

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC
RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC


RAMIDARA offers healthcare organizations very flexible and affordable staffing options (direct hire and placement) to solve problems:

  • By recruiting the best healthcare professionals from different countries.

  • By getting to know our customers' needs

  • Use our network in the healthcare systems in many countries to scout and recommend well-performing nurses and healthcare professionals.

Are you looking for reliable and highly qualified healthcare workers?

very affordable and flexible payment options, connect with us now to learn how we can help you recruit highly qualified personnel.


Apply or send your request via email to

At Ramidara, we believe in competency and consistency. We ensure that we only recruit the best and highly qualified professionals, and we offer on-going training as well as ensuring that they meet and exceed the industry standards. 

Our Services

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Permanent hiring

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Per diem staffing

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Local contract staffing

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

International nurse training & staffing

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Flexible and affordable staffing options

Who We Work With-Our Customers

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes, Rehabilitation centers
Specialized healthcare facilities

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Medical Practices: Private medical practices, Specialized clinics, Physician offices, Outpatient centers

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Home Healthcare Providers: Home health agencies Hospice care providers

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Government Healthcare Facilities: Public hospitals Military hospitals
Correctional healthcare institutions

RAMIDARA Healthcare Staffing LLC

Educational Institutions: Healthcare training schools Colleges and universities with healthcare programs.

Why you should hire us/sign up with us to recruit for you..

We Listen: We listen a lot, and give voice to the customer (VOC). We pay more attention to the needs of our healthcare professionals and Healthcare Organizations.

Budget Friendly, Customized Solutions: We provide customized solutions to our customers and work within the budget framework of our customers, while ensuring that our healthcare workers are well-motivated and well-paid.

Effective Recruitment strategy, Strong Network of Competent Professionals. Our international allies are medical doctors, medical professors and hospital administrators who work directly with most of our nurses. Thus, we recruit nurses with a known background, competency, quality, and reliability.

Criminal background checks and Reference Checks: We use “Accurate” and “Global Backgrounds” for criminal background Checks. Ramidara officials work with our international allies to check the references, get the best information, and work ethics of the nurses that we recruit. 

Drug Screening and Physical examinations: We employ the services of Labcorp or Concentra as well as Quest occasionally for drug screening. Local primary care physicians are preferred professionals that help with Physical examinations for our healthcare workers.

Skills Checklist and Licensure Verification. Our internal systems and well-written Standard Operation procedure (SOPs) provide a robust resource for skill set reviews and analysis for each nurse/healthcare worker. Ramidara officials verify the licensure of all our health workers. 

Orientation/Annual Training: For our nurses to be abreast with current industry technology, regulatory requirements (HIPAA, OSHA, etc), and to continually ensure Professional Development Goals (PDGs), remove inefficiencies, improve performance and increase retention rate, we enroll our nurses and other health professionals on for initial orientations and on-going annual training.

Competency checks/Assessment: To ensure that our nurses are up to date and to continue to equip them to perform to their best, reduce risk and develop a compliance and safety culture, we offer at least one (1) competency program training/assessment per year on

Thanks for submitting!

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